A Network Utility app for MacOS

Quickly save and apply IPv4 settings to any interface right from your menu bar.


Store IPv4

Store and apply IPv4, Subnet and Gateway to network interfaces attched to your mac right form the menu bar.

Add Notes

Store information about the device within the notes field for quick access.

Quick Launch

Start a ping from terminal, a ScreenShare or launch the devices IP in your default Web Browser.

Quick Capture

Capture your current Network settings straight into your address book.

Static or DHCP

Quickly change your interface setting from a static address to DCHP


Arrange your addresses in groups that are easily searchable. Give your groups IPv4 Addresses so devices can use their parents group address when connecting.

Add IPv4 Group

Add an address to your device group, in this case a manufacturer. Then if you enable 'use group address' on the device itll take the groups IPv4 address when you apply the settings.

Update Once

Updating the groups address will update all device addresses that have this functionality enabled.


  1. Store and group IPv4, Subnet and gateway Address for devices.
  2. Quick access to interfance settings right from the menu bar.
  3. Pull the window from the top of the menu bar to create a floating panel.
  4. Include notes for quick access to useful information.
  5. Launch your default web browser to the devices IP address.
  6. Launch a Terminal that starts a ping requests.
  7. Launch ScreenSharing into the devices address.
  8. Capture current interface settings.
  9. Toggle between manual address and DHCP.
  10. Add IPv4 Settings to a group (ie a site) then you can use this address when connecting to all devices within the group.

Minimum system requirement - MacOS 11 (Big Sur).


    AddressBook is free to download and simple to start adding addresses, a License is required for:

  1. Applying IPv4 settings to a selected interface.
  2. Capturing current interface addresses.
  3. Launching a devices ping, screenshare or web browser window.
  4. Licenses can be purchased from within the app for £30.00

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